Commercial ozone odour controler for air sterilisation

How OC100 Contains

A patented Bipolar iontube which splits oxygen molecule clusters, releasing positively and negatively charged atoms. The released atoms create four different reactions within the local environment, providing four separate out comes to improve the quality of the air we breath.


Designed as an intelligent, versatile and industrial sized ozone unit, OC100 is ideal for larger applications, where malodour, bacteria and germs are a problem. OC100 incorporates air quality measuring technology and produces enough ozone to return the local environment air quality to acceptable levels.

Micro-organism Reduction

Charged ions attach themselves to the membranes of airborne bacteria, yeasts and moulds, breaking down the structure, killing the micro-organism.

Odour Reduction

Ozone released clings to and attacks compounds creating foul odours. These compounds are subsequently broken down, with only a small amount of water and carbon dioxide created

Particle Removal

Charged ions attach themselves to larger dust, pollen and other particles, unbalancing their charge, which are then caught and held within the particle filter of the unit.

Removes Static Electricity

Any negative or positively charged particles will find opposite likenesses, creating a balance and removing any build up of static electricity.

Four active operations
Patented power source
Air sampler automated dispenser
Proven effectiveness
Variable settings
Ion level display
Particle pre-filter


Dimensions H - 250mm x W - 550mm x D - 120mm
Weight- 7Kg
Application 50+ cubic Metres
Setting 1- 30 cubic metres/hour
Setting 2 -60 cubic metres/hour
Setting 3 -120 cubic metres/hour
Ozone Creation 20 200mg / hr
Construction Easy Clean White ABS / treated Steel

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