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Tubeshield shatter proof fluorescent tubes

A safe way of helping to keep food safe from broken glass with are shatter proof fluorescent tubes.

Shatter proof fluorescent lamp

Protect your own business now with Tubeshield shatterproof fluorescent tube. If you are concerned about the possible costly consequences that a broken tube could cause to your business, then Tubeshield is the solution. A cost-effective product that could save you thousands on wasted produce due to accidental damage and contamination is now available to you.
Why take the risk when you can have a inexpensive product that will give you peace of mind should an accident occur? Our shatterproof fluorescent tube are simple to fit and produce no loss of light.

Tubeshield shrinkWrap fluorescent lamp

Tubeshield shatter proof fluorescent lamps, is a fluorescent lamp (in any colour of white) with a tough plastic coating over the glass tube.
If the fluorescent lamp was to broken the glass and contences of the fluorescent tube will stop inside the broken lamp.
Tubeshield can shrinkwrap(shatterproof) any type fluorescent lamp from the long 8ft T12 fluorecent tubes to the very small T4 fluorecsent lamps.

Shrinkwrap fluuorescent lamp/shatterproof fluorescent tube shatter poof lamp


The Tubeshield cover glass free zone.

Tubeshield Products Ltd meet all criteria for glass free zones in respect of protective lighting for the Health and Safety Executive Council, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers, Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS), Scottish Quality Cereals Scheme (SQCS) and to the structure for certification bodies (accreditations) as defined in the European Standard EN45011.

Why should we do this?

If you want to supply food produce to the many consumers and/or purchasers in your market place, then it is in your own best interest to meet all of the requirements now. Otherwise you might be excluded, or much worse, have an unexpected glass breakage in an area that should and could have been protected. GET WISE, PUT SAFETY FIRST !

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