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500w halogen lamps,300w halogen fitting 150w halogen fitting shatterproof glass lens UK

update 18 jan 2008

Haloshield halogen lamps

Due to their high wattage and thereby high temperature, halogen lamps, are perhaps one of the most difficult style of lighting to protect against accidental breakage. Under new practice for hygiene accreditation (Glass Free Zones), it has become essential that the lens used be coated.
Tubeshield Products have produced a coating which will meet the new requirements issued for all cereal and grain producers called Haloshield.

shatterproof 150w halogen fitting

Whilst we offer a protective solution for this type of lamp, it is not a D.I.Y. kind of product, as the protective shield has to be fitted to the lens and this can only be done in our workshop.
It would be unwise to take the lens out of the fitting to send to us for coating, leaving you open to a fire hazard.

Haloshield 150w shatterproof fitting

shatterproof 300w halogen fitting

Haloshield 300w shatterproof fitting

We recommend Haloshield as being the quickest and most cost effective solution to the problem.
All will meet the requirement criteria for combinable crop associations and co-operatives under glass free protected zones. This also means of course the you obtain a new halogen lamp fitting for the price of a coated lens.

Haloshield 500w shatterproof fitting

Is the only 500 watt halogen fitting to meet the farming accreditation schemes. It's revolutionary new design combines style with the quality of performance that our customers have come to expect.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Haloshield 500 is robust, weather and corrosion resistant and is dust tight and jet proof.

shatterproof 500w halogen fitting
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